The Iddy Biddy Squad

The Iddy Biddy Squad is our group of inspiring and  fit women that represent our brand. These women are role models in the fitness community. They are all beautiful inside and out and have a passion for helping other women succeed. Each woman on our squad has her own unique journey, but they share similar core values that align with our brand.

We have women from all over the world representing Iddy Biddy fitness apparel as we continue to grow as a brand. We are currently accepting more ambassadors to our squad. As a brand ambassador, you receive discounts on all merchandise and a personalized coupon code to share with others. This is just some of the many perks you will receive as a member of the Squad!

*If you think you have what it takes to be on the Iddy Biddy Squad, please contact us  with a short bio, social media handles and a few photos. We are always looking for women to support our vision & represent our brand.