5 Tips to Stay Fit on Family Vacation

Posted by Kelsey Biddiscombe on

Stay fit this summer, even when you are away with your family. Here are a few tips to keep you healthy and fit on your summer vacation!

Photos by Fit Mama Robin @barbellsnmascara 


1. Pack your gym clothes! If you pack gym clothes you can't ignore the fact that you planned to get active and if you put them on it will motivate you to get moving!



2. Bring your gear! Pack a few small pieces of equipment that you can use for a workout at any location like a yoga mat, kettle bell, bands or skipping rope.

3. Get the kids involved! If they see you working out, they will naturally want to join in. Make it a family activity by letting them join in or create a circuit with separate stations for specific exercises.

4. If you would rather workout solo, get your workout done in the morning before the craziness of the vacation day begins. It will energize you to get through the rest of the day and help you feel like you can actually relax later.

 5. Take a break. Commit to 3 workouts if you are away for 7 days. You still need time to relax and recharge. Don't obsess over missing a few days, your body probably needs a break anyways!

Enjoy walks in the woods or along the beach. Vacations are a great opportunity to get out of your normal routine and enjoy the outdoors! 









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