Benefits of Working Out with Friends

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1. Motivate Each other

Our friends that we admire and seek guidance from will naturally inspire us to be our best selves. When we are around these people, we want to do our best and really show up to any activity we are doing together. 

2. Learn New Exercises

When we have been working out and following a program for a few months or years we get into a routine. By working out with someone else, it can push us to try new exercises or variations of a workout that is similar to our own.

3. Increase Endurance

Have you ever noticed that you forget the "Time Elapsed" on a cardio machine when you are chatting with a friend? When we workout with friends, time goes by faster because we are more engaged in the activity. Plus if you have a competitive personality, there's no way you will stop cycling before your friend beside you.

4. Meet New Friends

When we workout with another person, they may introduce us to new people. Go to their gym for a change of scenary and to be around new faces. You can make new connections with people who may have similar interests.

 5. Boosts Mood

Being with friends is FUN! You will feel good because you got those endorphins going, but also because being social will also increase those feel good hormones!

For some of us, working out is the time we get to spend with ourselves and there is nothing wrong with that. BUT working out with friends once in awhile can give us that extra push we need to stay motivated and get us out of our regular routines. Plus, we all need time with friends! No matter how busy life gets it is important to stay social and connect with others.

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